Nasty in the News

Okay, i didn't want to go here so soon... you know, commenting on things that everyone else has covered. But I'm going to do it quick.

I don't really have a problem with this statue other than the parts that make NO sense. Mary Jane is a popular actress / model. Would she possibly have any time to do her husband's laundry? I doubt it. Furthermore, who the hell uses a tiny tub to clean things in 2007? Is this a 1920s Spider-Man throwback? She would use the kitchen sink before she would use some ridiculous wash basin. She would use a bathtub before she would use a large a bucket. And Adam Hughes, you did a really bad job of defending yourself. I lost a lot of respect.

Now this Heroes for Hire cover, I don't think it's so bad. Yes it's cheesy and overtly sexual, but that doesn't make it bad. They're not doing laundry or being defended by an artist who compares his situation to the Holocaust (see "bad job" link above). Also, anyone remember the Cage MAX covers? No one was saying, "Look, this is way too sexual seeing his bare muscular chest smoking with sexy." So don't get me wrong, this H4H cover isn't All Ages, but it isn't something worth controversy.

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