Off the Lot

I watched Fox's On the Lot last night, their American Idol for filmmakers. I myself turned down the prospect of working in Hollywood fulltime a couple years ago after doing a stint on a short film financed by Fox Searchlight. I was "on the lot" at Fox and used the trailer for House (which was not yet on the air), to take a dump. It was a nice trailer.

But back to On the Lot. Hey, Gary Marshall, it's not 1955. Is it necessary to single out every female on the show as some sort of strange anomaly? What is this "unique female perspective" you keep referring to? And what is it about this perspective that seems to be devoid of any bodily functions, but should most definitely include love? Seriously, it's like Fox fell into a time warp with this guy.

The worst thing about the show (which sparked a long discussion between myself and my girlfriend), was the lack of diverse perspective. Yeah, they had a few people with international backgrounds and one "urban black" contestant, but on the whole, On the Lot featured young white males (even including the actors in the shorts). I've been to film school and I've been to Hollywood, and this is not the majority demographic everywhere. It is, however, the majority demographic of the film industry, and maybe that's why the short films last night mostly lacked the sort of raw originality I'd hoped for.

So I voted for the barfing aliens.


Anonymous said...

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Nick Marino said...

using Opera right now... and it looks great. it's freakin BLOGGER!!!