Very Skrully, edition 2

I was talking to a friend of mine, one who stopped following the monthlies but still reads comics from time to time. He specializes in the cosmic, so I thought I'd tell him about New Avengers #31.

I followed up my description with the big question: who do you think is a Skrull in the Marvel Universe? What he said surprised me because it was exactly what I had been thinking myself.

"Are there any X-Men or friends of Professor Xavier that fought on Iron Man's side in Civil War?" he asked.

"Yeah, Bishop," I said.

"He's a Skrull then," my friend answered.

In and of itself, that is strong evidence pointing towards Bishop's Skrullyness. To take it one step further, there was a time in the late 90s when the X-Men left Bishop out in space and he was quasi kidnapped by Deathbird. She acted as if she loved him and begged him to fight by her side. Quite the opposite from any Deathbird we've seen before or since.

My theory: Deathbird was a Skrull, and she kidnapped and killed Bishop, then replaced him with a Skrull dupe. I mean, the guy has always been shady, but now more than ever Bishop just seems weird. Plus he's not even in any ongoing story being told right now. He's in creative limbo conveniently at a time when the Skrull invasion is being revealed...

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