Future Predictions: 2008

I am predicting the future. This is all based off of gut feelings and what I know about the present. No tips about upcoming projects or advance information were used to make these predictions.

Story Fad of 2008 – Every year has its story trends. 2003 was the year of the Pirate. In 2004, Zombies were the rage. One could even say that this year is the year of the angst-ridden, Moody Hero thus far (emo Spider-Man, detached Silver Surfer, angry Harry Potter). 2008 will be the year of the Mercenary. People are ready for capitalist heroes with gray ambitions. Angst will morph to bitterness and cynicism in the form of for-profit do-gooders.

Music of 2008 – The return of the synthesizer. The “eeooop” and “weeeooo” noises will become hot again, as everyone from hip hop artists to rock musicians will try to reinterpret the synth sound for the 21st century. Think less “retro” and more “bold new sound.”

Food 0f 2008 – Pacific Islander. Many of the flavors associated internationally with Chinese food will have a new taste fad in 2008 as they diversify into Pacific Islander inspired dishes. Tropical meets traditional Asian.

Fashion – Teased and feathered haircuts will return to the workplace with a vengeance. I know it’s scary. But it will happen.

Peaking Thru at the End of 2008 – Before the year is out, Parachute Pants will return. Hammer Pants. Zubaz. Whatever you want to call them. They’re coming to a retro kid near you by the tail end of 2008. I can see them flapping in the distance already.

What Will Not Be Hot – MySpace and social networking. Doing cutesy things to your friends via your computer will lose novelty. It’s been going strong, but people will begin to favor more information-rich resources for entertainment.


Tyler said...

My god. That is disturbingly accurate. I was planning on bringing back synthesizers and parachute pants myself.

Evan Exempt said...

Synths have been back, goof.

Bugabug said...

That sounds like what's going to happen! I even have a pair of pants that look like the ones in that pic that you have! My bf hates it when I wear them though because they're "weird". I've told him that they're really comfy! LOL!