Interview with a Master Planner, Mr. Slott

Wow. Check out this interview with Dan Slott about Avengers: The Initiative. It blew my mind. It's that crazy. So many hints dropped.

Here's what I gathered (more like assumed) from it:

- Issue #7 features Peter Parker’s final pre-“One More Day” appearance. More evidence leading to Slott as the new Amazing Spider-Man writer. I also think Spider-Man may not be Peter Parker after "One More Day." What if "Brand New Day" means a brand new Spider-Man?

- Triathlon will have an important role in the Skrull "Invasion" plot, at least in the Initiative. Slott brought up his connection to 3-D Man (a character who was new to me and forgotten by most), who was a Skrull hunter back in the 1950s. His spirit lives on thru Delroy a.k.a. Triathlon. My bet is on one of two outcomes: 1) Triathlon has been replaced by a Skrull because he is a high-risk threat (3-D Man could spot Skrulls even when they were shape-shifted) (also, Triathlon went missing after Civil War...), or 2) Triathlon will be a HUGE asset in fighting the "Invasion."

- The Scarlet Spiders may be familiar faces to readers. One gets de-masked in an upcoming issue. Possibly former Spider-Man enemies? Ben Reilly?

- Mutant Zero is a genius concept. There were 199 mutants after M-Day, but if she doesn't exist, she becomes zero (an empty construct) and therefore takes the number down to 198. Brilliant. Much like Grant Morrison's inversion of the Weapon X concept to mean Weapon 10 (oh how I would love to see Slott run with that idea).

- The Gauntlet probably kicks the bucket. That cover (issue #6) where he's downed with an "NW" on his chest... Slott suggests not getting too attached to the character. I say he goes for a full out shock and kills him. Or at least the guy is taken out of active duty.

There's so much more but I can't even keep track of it. I remember back about three years ago when I saw Slott doing a signing at Midtown Comics in NYC. He was highly unknown then, having only really She-Hulk as his claim to fame. I was a fan of the book, but even I barely knew of Dan's work. He sat silently at the signing table, with no one approaching him for the entire 15 minutes I was in the store. It was a tough and lonely scene, but I don't think Dan will ever make another comic shop signing without a huge line winding the front. He's shown that he is truly a master writer.

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