Martha Washington is Dead. Give My Money Back.

Anyone who had the delight to pick up Martha Washington Dies at their comic shop last Wednesday may have also experienced a unique sinking feeling around page 17. That's where the story ended. The rest of the issue was stuffed with bland filler, including a rather unimpressive sketch by artist Dave Gibbons and a rambling narrative script by writer Frank Miller.

Basically, all this story left me with was a desire to get my money back from the crooks, er, I mean, creators who produced this issue. $3.50 for a dull 17 page story (with no action by the way) and some nearly meaningless filler. This, in the publishing industry, may also be known as robbery.

The tale lacked direction. It sounded like a bizarre zealous rant in the name of “liberty” – a clunky, preachy monologue that had no true beginning or end, and did nothing to advance the lack of story contained within the issue. Essentially, it was the exact opposite of the Martha Washington series.

If anyone has good contact information for Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons, or Dark Horse editorial, pass it along to me and I'll post it here. That way you too can send an email and ask for your money back (and while you're at it, you can ask for a public apology).

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