Seeking Comic Artist for Indie Project

I'm looking for an enthusiastic artist who would be interested in drawing a single issue story about time travel, music history, social equality, and fist-flying action. It's called "Time Log," and I'll say no more except it's a "Bill & Ted" meets "Back to the Future" meets "Punisher War Journal" style tale.

No needs for the art to be stunning - I'm seeking a decent artist that's reliable with a good sense of humor and an interest in self-promotion. This project could be a great portfolio piece, or if we're lucky, a wonderful one-shot from an indie publisher.

Email me and let me know if you're interested. (If you're seeking something more than one issue, let me know - this was originally conceived as three issues and we could always work with those scripts instead. Also, I have a short Spider-Man satire piece taking a nod from his Japanese TV show from the 70s and I'm looking for an artist interested in that script as well.)

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