Top 10 Series for Spring / Summer 2007

Here are my current Top 10 superhero series for the Spring / Summer of 2007. These are surprisingly mostly team books, and all completely great. 3 of the Top 5 are new series, and most of the Marvel titles are revitalized thanks to the post-Civil War landscape.

1. Avengers: The Initiative

2. Dynamo 5

3. Thunderbolts

4. Mighty Avengers

5. Ms. Marvel

6. She-Hulk

7. Fantastic Four

8. Incredible Hulk

9. Tales of the TMNT

10. Uncanny X-Men

Tales of the TMNT, had it kept a better schedule, would have made it much higher. Sorry DC, but you aren't putting out any titles right now that even make it into the Top 10.

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