Dumb Comedy Roundup

Okay this weekend I saw three dumb comedy movies (not to mention a few movies that weren't comedies, but damn were they dumb).

Superbad - Didn't expect much from this. I was wrong. It's actually pretty good. But I hate the main two characters. Should have been "McLovin: The Movie." Now that would be a pure gold ride.

Idiocracy - Yeah, I've already seen it. But I bet YOU haven't. So go see it already. President Camacho in 2008 baby.

Wild Hogs - AWESOME. Dumb comedy at its almost finest. Like Three Amigos mixed with the Motorcycle Diaries mixed with National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation. Mint. I laughed my ass off. Great physical humor and hilarious situational comedy.

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Good for people to know.