Why is it that every online columnist, reviewer, or blogger has the "my computer crashed!" post? I always thought it was just them making up an excuse for being lazy. Until the @#$%ing thing happened to me. Everything was okay when I passed out on Friday. But by Saturday morning, I was @#$%ed. Lame.

Last night I tried to get ProTools working for the first time in over a year. Look at all this crap that DigiDesign expects me to do to get my ProTools working. Of course it didn't work. So then I decided to delete any trace of ProTools from my machine.

But by this morning, I was reformatting my computer again before work. This is because my dumb ass deleted some important preferences files along with anything from DigiDesign. So here's some links that make me (and hopefully you) feel better:

Remember what happened with me and ProTools? That's why I strictly roll with Audacity from now on.

You should get to voting already. My number ones? T'Challa and the Joker, respectively.

It's a long read, but interesting if you can make it through. David Cross tears Larry the Cable Guy a new one.

And not to be forgotten, my new best friend. Make him yours, too.

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