Millar & Hitch: You Heard It Here First! Or Not.

EDIT: Or I could be very VERY wrong. The the title is supposed to be a household name! Femme Force doesn't quite fit that.

ORIGINAL: The new Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch project? It's Femme Force. That means it probably has Contessa Valentina Allegra di Fontaine from the old Nick Fury series as the character who was created in the 60s. She was once the leader of Femme Force. As for the 40s character, it could be Namora or the Blonde Phantom or that giant robot could be holding the new appearance of Miss America. Blonde Phantom was a mentor to She-Hulk back in the day, so that could be a connection right there. Also, Sharon Carter used to be in Femme Force. Here's my original post where I figured it out.

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