Bill O'Reilly: From Racist Jackass to Ignorant Moron

It seems like Bill O'Reilly has finally been exposed to black American culture besides 106 & Park and he likes it. I hate to use this link because it trys to influence reader opinion before you get a chance to make up your own. I suggest scrolling down halfway and reading this unedited section of transcript from O'Reilly's show, The Radio Factor to make up your own mind.

However, as you can tell from the title of this post, I already made up mine. O'Reilly talks about meeting with Al Sharpton up in Harlem, and later he discusses going to an Anita Blake concert. Some of his opinions are painful for me to read, but it was interesting to see him act like he's a representative filter for "white America."

I found it particularily ironic that he uses Italian restaurants as examples of a "traditional" American eating experience (first it's Little Italy and then it's a suburban Italian restaurant). It's ironic to me because: 1) only 50 years ago, O'Reilly's "white America" typically saw Italian-Americans with the same two-dimensional view that he himself often espouses on black Americans, and 2) media representations of Italian-Americans tend to show violence and crime to excess, yet O'Reilly doesn't call out the cultural group as a whole for this - yet he does call out black Americans for gangsta rap and other media. Hey Bill - did you know that the co-founder of Def Jam was white?

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