Larry Stroman on Black Panther

UPDATE 1: Dreams can come true. Larry Stroman is drawing the Black Panther Annual coming out in February 2008, called "Black to the Future."

ORIGINAL: I wish. But the great thing is that Larry wishes he was on Black Panther too.

"[Characters] I want a shot at drawing? A lot of the Marvel Heroes actually. Characters like Black Panther, the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans, Captain America and Daredevil."

Now I know that other people may see some of his following choices and focus on those. But I saw T'Challa up there first and it was like an epiphany. Imagine Hudlin's Panther series drawn by Larry Stroman... AWESOME.

Also, in other related Black Panther news, I just read part of Panther's Quest for the first time today. It was wonderful. It's inspired me to start an extremely special Panther's Quest project. More news on that soon...

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