I'm starting to develop an affinity for this character that I once disliked. Thing is, I'm so far behind on my DC Comics history right now that I have to fill in the blanks with assumptions. Is he really a hothead? That's the word. But I need to learn it on my own.

I'm reading the Aquaman 4-part mini series that launched after Crisis in the 80s. The first two issues are decent, but the third issue derails when it turns entire scenes into uneven exposition. Plus, Arthur's re-origin makes him wholly unlikeable. Needs work.

But beyond that, I really only know Sub Diego. I loved it. I need to expand my Orin knowledge. Piecing together runs on Aquaman is a bit trickier than it seems. Aquaman might really be a cursed comic book series. I'd like to change that someday.

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zoom56ok said...

Haha, I'm in the same "boat." I'd written Aqua off too as just too silly or something. But the new stuff is strong. I'm generally surprised with DC these days. I've been prepping a big blog post where I want to compare Marvel and DC-because until recently DC wasn't even on my radar. Dave