An Under the Radar Week in Comics

Some weeks – like last week – I pick up big titles like Mighty Avengers and Justice League of America on the same day. Those books get talked up and down, left and right. They’re good. I love to read them. But they don’t satisfy my comic book addiction the same way that a quieter, regular release with out of sight content satisfies my need for must-read sequentials.

Here’s a quick peek at four books that run the full range of moderate popularity to nearly obscure. I’ll be picking these issues up this week in my “under the radar” comic purchase fest:

Casanova #10 – As indie titles go, Casanova has a decent name for itself. The book deserves it. To me, it’s the future of comics: frenetic, punchy, witty, visceral, and cerebral. All in 17 pages for $1.99. Matt Fraction’s “backmatter” making of text following the story is almost worth the price of admission alone.

Black Panther #31 – This is a mainstream book with niche appeal. I love the character of T’Challa. Then there’s Storm. I’ve known Storm longer than most of my friends and some of my loved ones. Having her in here month after month is just another reason I gotta have this book. I’ve already read this issue and reviewed it over at Comics News Int’l. But that won’t stop me from buying it today. Two words: X-Men orgy.

Thunderbolts #117 – This isn’t obscure by any means, but it’s also not a household name. Buzz on this book has largely gone quiet now that Civil War feels like a distant memory in the collective hive mind of weekly comic book readers. Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato Jr. are doing some standout work that continues to blow my mind a little more with every new issue.

Tales of the TMNT #39 – This is now the sole monthly ongoing series produced by Mirage Studios. It treats the Ninja Turtles mythos like an open ended universe with endless possibilities for chronological modification. The story could slip in between two issues from the 1980s or take place in a far distant future that has never been seen before. It’s handled by a wide range of different creators that tend to do great done-in-one stories.


Dave said...

Right you are about these lesser known titles. I just got my Panther and Thunderbols. In particular the stuff with Penance and Osborn in Tbolts is gritty. Not to mention the Authority level violence!

Nick Marino said...

Yeah Thunderbolts was bizarre this week. Those flashbacks kept confusing me though. I just read Panther again and I'm loving it even more the second time.