Captain America Predicts the Future

Looks like the Skrulls really took Steve Rogers' advice. He's dead and now they're getting ready to make their move on Earth. I wonder how closely Bendis, Brevoort, and Marvel have been sticking to past Skrull stories?

I never realized how many Skrull-themed tales were out there. This whole Captain America arc featuring the Sensational Hydra (who turns out to be a Manifest Destiny Skrull in disguise) from Captain America vol 3 #1-7 is very Skrull-centric, and rather telling of current Secret Invasion events. The Craptacular B-Sides featured a Skrull-heavy plot, and now would be a great time to bring back Jughandle (Marvel, you listening?).

Meanwhile, on the other side of the grave, Cap's Civil War enemy - Iron Man - is sporting some interesting representation in his solo series. Here's a far more detailed account of my feelings about the writing of Daniel and Charles Knauf. Needless to say, I find their Secretary Kooning character quite suspicious - especially since he's the only reoccurring African-American character in the series.

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Dave said...

Ok-I know it's weird how much I've been around here lately, but you and I have just been thinking about vaguely similar thing these last few weeks. I've been noticing Kooning too.