Marvel Puts Comic Books Online

Took you long enough. But seriously, good move Marvel. Also, great timing. Not only did your story come out on a fairly slow news day (just like when Cap's death hit), but demand should be fairly high now that many of the major torrent trackers have gone belly up.

Above is part of what greeted me when I went to Way to go with the national press, Marvel. USA Today ran the feature article announcing Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, while CNN carried a piece from the AP that had an odd focus on DC Comics and MySpace despite the fact that the story was about Marvel Comics.

There was even a piece on USA Today featuring Reginald Hudlin suggesting what comics he would read first. For me, it was great. I love Hudlin's Black Panther series and I was pleased to see him get a shot at recommending his favorites.

Above is what happened when I tried to follow a link to the page previewing the first appearance of Dan Slott's new Liberteens team (it's the Initiative team out of Pennsylvania so of course I wanted to see my home state represent!). It looks like the demand is way higher than Marvel expected. That's awesome.

I'll probably give the subscription a shot for a month. It's a tough choice for me though because I'm in the comic shop every Wednesday and I've read a lot of the issues they've just posted. For me, it all comes down to the quality of the viewing experience. If they're easy to read and they look good, then I'll try out Marvel Digital Comics.


Dave said...

I'm a little confused-and clearly we can't check the site, because it's still down. But I guess what's happening is they're putting MORE comics online right? Just this past weekend I was reading, like I do almost every week, 3 or 4 from their digital collection. It's been a free service of about 58 pages of archives (maybe 5 per page, so that's 290). So I'm assuming what's going to happen is they're going to multiply that by 10 and add a fee.

Nick Marino said...

good point. i'm hoping that this program means they've updated their digital comics reader. i've always disliked it in the past. i used to read Marvel Dot Comics pretty frequently back around 2001-2003, but the image quality was terrible back then and the reader left a lot to be desired. also, part of today's announcement was that they've retouched and recolored a lot of material.

Dave said...

Hahahaahaaa, Ok so my numbers were slightly off. It's about 2 am (I wrote a very long piece at my blog tonight) and the Marvel site is open. They're advertising 250 free and the rest you pay for, so it's like I figured 1/10

As for the reader, up until about a week ago it was a slightly less functional version of the one they have now. It works a little better-but I'm used to it. First timers are not going to be jumping for joy. I'm spoiled by Gonvisor