Mini Comics Review: Candy or Medicine volume one

I thoroughly enjoyed this mini comic despite the fact that I didn’t understand four out of its eight pages. The cover, final two pages, and back cover are fun enough for me to label Candy or Medicine volume one as a success.

The cover sets up the reoccurring theme of Andy Narwhal. An obvious take off on Andy Warhol, the parody pays off in the final two pages of the book, as the character’s silly head pops up and adds in commentary.

If he had appeared on the first four pages, I suspect they would be similarly satisfying. The problem plaguing this initial four-page joke is that it goes without explanation. It must hold significance with the author, Josh Blair. But I don’t get it! Regardless of the meaning, the art is coherent and consistent. No problems there. But the gag doesn't give me a laugh.

The final two pages and the back cover are wonderful one-page jokes that have ludicrously light, corny content. My favorite of the pages showcases a ridiculous set of hairdos, with the punch line being a mullet. Seriously, people, how can you go wrong with a mullet? Narwhal pops his ugly head up and adds his own two cents, to my delight.

The following page and back cover provide two more gags that work well. Frankly, if Josh Blair did an entire issue of silly one-page jokes, he’d have pure gold here. Suffice to say, I’m looking forward to volume two.

7 / 10

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