MySpace Posts Blackface Picture of NOFX

Today I logged onto MySpace and look what I found:

That's the punk band known as NOFX decked out in blackface makeup from the tip of their nose down to their surfboard.

So these jackasses took an ignorant picture of themselves... they're not the only ones. But for MySpace to post the picture as an advertisement for the band? That's a whole other story.

Was the band trying to be ironic? Maybe. But their irony is in bad taste considering the fact that people still threateningly hang nooses around African-American co-workers on a regular basis.

Who knows what the real story is. Maybe the band is trying to attract attention, and maybe I'm playing right into it. Or maybe I happen to have caught MySpace in the act of posting an ad in extremely poor taste that never should have been posted in the first place.

UPDATE 1: Logged in the day after and the picture is still up.


Dave said...

Curiouser and curiouser
The NOFX myspace page has them listed as having done a "Rock for Darfur" so maybe they're like Kate Moss and think you need to actually look Black to help. I saw those guys at least 20 years ago, being one of few Black punkers in the crowd. And I've seen that professor who was threatened with the noose about 10 year ago when I was at Columbia. Small (nasty) world.

Rob said...

No offence, but I really think you should add something to this, this picture has been taken completely out of context. NOFX are probably one of the most anti-racist bands going at the moment (just look at some lyrics). This picture is from a TV show done by them "NOFX backstage passport", I don't remember the epiosde, but I believe they was taking a mud bath. I admit its a pretty stupid picture as it leaves the viewer to jump to alot of conclusions, but it really isent anything to do with race etc. Plus hate to play the "my friend is coloured blah blah type card", but el hefe (2nd from the right is from mexican decent).