Message to Orange Producers: Stop Coating Your Fruit in Wax

I am so sick of buying oranges and dreading when it comes time to peel them. Peeling an orange can be tons of fun (here’s a hint: massage it a bit first and the skin will come off of the orange much easier – I’ve had more than one person tell me how well this advice has worked for them).

But peeling an orange bought at the supermarket is a little piece of hell I’d rather do without. It’s because the orange is coated in wax (see the second to last paragraph from the bottom). Peeling it leaves a white residue on my hands and little flakes of wax everywhere.

Is there a functional reason for the wax? Or is it just for appearance? Either way, it’s totally ridiculous that I should get waxed up hands and a barrage of flakes every time I go to eat my orange. So orange growers, producers, and packagers – please PLEASE stop coating your oranges in wax and just let them be. You’d be doing every orange eater out there a favor.

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Neal said...

sadly nick, people love waxing fruit - and it is not going to stop anytime soon. i too find this rather annoying.