Trader Joe's Avocados, YOU SUCK!

That's it Trader Joe's... I'M CALLING YOU OUT! Your store-brand avocados are terrible!!! Whenever I buy them, they're all weird and half-rotted, even though they feel firm on the outside. And I'm sick of it!

Everyday for lunch, I eat rice and avocado. It's normally a very satisfying meal for me... EXCEPT when I try to eat your avocados and end up just eating rice for lunch! At first I thought that maybe it was just a bad bag. But it's happened three times now (as in 12 avocados!) and I'm so mad.

Maybe it's because I live in Pittsburgh. Maybe it's just the store I shop at (on Penn Ave in case you wanted to know, Joe). Or maybe it's that you sell an inferior, nasty product and it needs to stop!


Anonymous said...

Southern California, home of Trader Joe's and Avocados. You'd think that my SoCal kitchen would be well stocked with avocados. Not any more. Avocados suck. At least the ones from Mexico do or the ones that one buys at Ralph's etc. do.

I have 2 decent avocados in recent memory - one lovingly tended by a co-worker's Mexican born farmer/father and the other bought from a farmer's market.

Both were smooth skinned Fuerte avocados. Maybe that's it. The rough skinned Hass variety suck.

Typically, they are half rotten, half hard/unripe and smell like a garbage dump.

What happened? We used to have great avocados?

Anonymous said...

They still suck - stringy and rotten! I've even resorted to returning them for a refund. Usually the staff is very friendly, but their gaze turned stone cold when I asked to return the rotten avocados. I bet they know they suck! The only produce I buy at Trader Joe's now are potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Anonymous said...

I've had enough avocados from Ralphs. They are the absolute worst—usually unripe or rotting. Ralphs has some of the worst produce in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I live in San Diego, CA (where the best avocados are grown) and the only available ones at the store are those terrible mexican ones with the watery, stringy texture, dirt flavor, and whitish meat. They're gross. The ones grown here in the north county are probably the best in the world. It just makes no sense that crappy avocados are shipped thousands of miles to a place where the best ones are grown in abundance but then again, that's the world we live in.