Future Predictions: 2010

Okay, so first off... how did I do predicting 2009?

I was wrong about mullets, trumpets, triangles, Vikings, and bells. But I think I did a pretty good job predicting the increasing popularity of cowboy boots and Brazilian food. As for the supervillains one, I dunno... it's up for debate.

It would also appear that I'm predicting a bit too early, as evidenced by my 2008 prognostications. Both parachute pants (well, harem pants) and synths were very hot in 2009.

What did I completely miss? Vampires. Not that they didn't already have some steam building in previous years, but they really captured the public imagination in 2009.

So here's what I've got for 2010:

Anti-Heroes will be the new hot pop culture trend for the year, especially violent vigilantes who look badass while they're maiming / potentially murdering their opponents.

Ethiopian food will go mainstream, popping up all over major cities and being touted as the new "gotta eat it!" restaurant food.

The jazz sound will make a slight return in pop music, with more improvisational solos and freer melodies being heard in some more mainstream style cuts.

Molasses will be the new trendy flavor of the year in 2010, much in the way products with "honey" seemed to dominate in 2009.

Sidekicks and protégés will become a very popular focus of stories on film and television. Conversely, the originals will become the supposed "villains" or antagonists.

However, in comics, this trend will be reversed, with the originals becoming the revered heroes and the followers becoming secret enemies.

Blouses will make a strong return in women's fashion, especially the "flowing puffy blouse with tights" look.

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