You should be reading Black Panther: Man Without Fear!

I just read some direct market sales figures for June... and Black Panther: Man Without Fear is selling under 20,000. So I'm taking it upon myself to personally rep this book and try to get more people interested in it. Why? Because it's the only mainstream superhero book that I'm thoroughly loving right now. It's noir. It's street-level. It's clever. It's intelligent. It's breathtaking to look at. It's a joy to read. The Fear Itself tie-ins read seamlessly with the series even if you're not reading any other Fear Itself books. It stars a complex-yet-relatable (not to mention de-powered) T'Challa living and working in NYC, protecting Hell's Kitchen. To me, the art and storytelling are reminiscent of 80s Daredevil and Batman: Year One. The writing is crisp and refreshing, spending more time focusing on the intriguing personal struggle of the protagonist rather than getting caught up in superhero plot cliches. And you can enjoy this story regardless of how many Black Panther comics you've read in the past. It's a goddamn good comic book!

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