My review of the Comic Book Pit #81 podcast

Comic Book Pit #81

*Disclaimer: The following review should not be taken (100%) seriously because I am (mostly, though not completely) full of shit.*
  • I love the gimmick covers discussion! "Rub the Blood" is one of my favorites. There was also that great Wolverine #50 with the slashes and the "classified" folder underneath.
  • My personal favorite gimmick cover is War Machine #1, which is a brilliant foil cover because it only uses two colors -- black and silver. Great art by Gabe Gecko a.k.a. early Gabriel Hardman.

  • I think the craziest gimmick comic cover ever was Jab #3, featuring Shannon Wheeler's Too Much Coffee Man, which was ACTUALLY shot with a bullet. That issue of Protectors with the fake bullet hole that you talked about? They ripped the idea off from Shannon and his Jab cohorts. Here's more info about it.
  • I don't mind $3.99 books as much from smaller publishers. In fact, I never once regretted purchasing Udon's $3.99 books. They had gorgeous art and great stories. I enjoyed supporting them. Big Two $3.99 books? I have completely different feelings about those.
  • Okay, so the captions in Defenders... until Scott brought it up just now, I didn't know that Fraction put them in this new series. But I can tell you why they're in there -- it's a throwback to 70s Marvel Comics. There was a short period in the 70s where Marvel books included little phrases like that at the bottom of the pages (ya know, around the time the original Defenders series launched). Sometimes they would advertise other Marvel books for the same month, and other times they'd say stupid jokes. I don't know the exact years in the 70s that they were used, but I wanna say they were going strong in the middle of the decade.
  • Damn, you guys were rough on Adlard! Granted, I've never read his work, but the pages I've seen look really crisp and readable to me. Just sayin'...
  • Anyway, I listened to the rest of the show, but I don't necessarily have anything else to say. It was a really good episode.
  • Oh, wait. One more thing. Dan, you're in love with BOOM! Studios. It's kinda out of control. As a friend, I just want you to know that. I mean, I'm happy that you've found a new love. But consider this my intervention.

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