My review of the Yamagato Industries Business Report #76 podcast

Yamagato Industries Business Report #76

*Disclaimer: The following review should not be taken (100%) seriously because I am (mostly, though not completely) full of shit. (And, yes, I know his name is Beeslo... but I prefer Beelso.)*
  • Link needs to talk more. But when he does talk, he should say less stupid things. Just sayin'...
  • Who died and made Beelso leader? I dunno why he's always trying to boss everybody around. He reminds me of Fred from Scooby-Doo. And I hate that show.
  • Mongo should do more fact-finding on the show. It's funny when he does that. Also, then actual facts would be stated and not just guesses.
  • I like John Romita, Jr.

  • I liked the show's topic, but I also sorta hate the topics when they just require you guys to name off stuff. I like discussion with viewpoints, which you sorta had too.
  • Look, that Watchmen movie sucked. It sucked hard. Beelso needs to shut up about how great it was. His taste in movies is like a high school vending machine. He only likes the stuff that they tell him to eat and he happily eats it. But if one person says it's not good, like said that peanut butter crackers sucked, then he's all like "OMG peanut butter crackers are so dumb... they messed these up so bad... but my Pop-Tart brand toasted pastry is so good because Christopher Nolan toasted it for me."
  • You should have an episode where you take the letters out of the names of your segments. Plant Bugle could be all about plants in comics. Ummmmm I forget the names of your other segments, but I think you get the idea.
  • Overall, I like this episode. Vera was funny last week, but I haven't seen The Walking Dead s2 yet, so that episode was poop to me.
  • In general, I like the Yamagato Industries Business Report. But I think it needs less reporting and more business. Actually, just kidding. I have no idea what that means. I just wanted to say a critique that involved the words from the title. But I gots nothing.
  • Also, you should change the opening theme in 2012. Maybe a Nik Furious original...

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