People are stupid and they don't understand how the Eagle Awards work

I just wanna put this out there because I'm seeing people all over the internet getting this wrong -- ANYONE can be nominated for the Eagle Awards right now.

So if you see comic book artists or comics websites or anybody else flipping out and saying "I've been nominated!!! OMG!" or "our site was so shocked to find that we've been nominated!!!" it's because this phase of the Eagle Awards is known as the nomination round, which means that it's 100% open to write-in votes.

See, as soon as you select "Other" for one of the categories for the ballot, it lets you type in anything you want. And when you write a new name, it gets added to the official list of options.

So, for example, you could write in "Poo Poo McPoopy Face" and it would become an official choice on the list for the next voter. Get it?

With that said, I still think you should fill out the nomination ballot and vote for Super Haters for Q19: Favourite Web-Based Comic. I mean, you don't even have to vote for anything else if you don't want to! Seriously -- they'll let you leave all the other fields blank. (Which I don't recommend... but it is an option.)

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